Why Is My Weimaraner Losing Hair on the Top of Her Head?

She is not scratching there. It just seems to be getting thinner. Like a man with male pattern baldness.

Is she ducking her head under a fence or gate and rubbing the hair off?

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  • lilshrtcke2001

    ask the vet
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  • Kareen L

    hypothyroidism can cause hair thinning. A vet can run tests easily. And may have a different idea since he’d actually be able to see it. Best of luck!
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  • CRF

    Sounds like an allergy. I would take her to the vet just in case.

    My dog had allergies and the vet told me to give him Claritin (ASK YOUR VET BEFORE YOU DO THIS–I don’t remember the dosage and it probably varies with size).
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  • tlctreecare

    Weims can have thin coats and sometime diet can have something to do with that. Some have allergies and fillers used in the dog food can make it worse.
    If she is not scratching and has no problem with any type of rash or anything it could be that she is not getting good enough nutrition from the food.
    The rest of her coat would be thin and maybe dry also.
    If the rest of her coat looks good then the food is most likely not the cause.
    IT may be that the top of the head is boney and in certain areas the coat is just thinner than on other areas.
    I have two weims and my older male has a slightly different color to the top of his head. It has happend since he turn about 9 years old.
    Have the vet look at it next time you are in and see if they want to do a skin scrape to check for some type of mites or fungus but it does not sould like that is the problem.
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    I am a dog trainer

  • Vance W

    My votes for the allergy. Had a dog do the same thing. If you don’t do anything it will probably get worse.
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  • Cara B

    Is she ducking her head under a fence or gate and rubbing the hair off?
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